Studio Tuition

Fees and Policies

Simply Inspired Dance School runs a yearly educational dance program. 

2018-2019 Dance Season 


2018-19 Season    37 weeks  Aug 20, 2018 - May 31, 2019

Summer Season   8 weeks June 1, 2019 - Jul 31, 2019

Registration Fee: $25 for 1st child, +$15 for the 2nd, $50 for a family 3+

Children Classes Tuition 

Hours per Week  10 Mo. Breakdown (Fall + Spring)

30-45min                 $45 a month   

1hr                              $60 a month   

2hrs                           $90 a month   

3hrs                           $120 a month   

4hrs                           $150 a month   

Unlimited                $190 a month   

Adult Classes Tuition

Drop In Class Rate: $15

Adults can purchase a class card in the studio. Class cards expire within 90 days of purchase.

4 classes   $48       10 classes $90 (1 free class)

6 classes  $66        12 classes $110 (1 free class)

8 classes  $80       16 classes $145 ( 1 ½ free classes)

Monday Night Fitness $30 per month promo.

Tuition Policy

  1. Tuition is due on the 30th of every month for the following month.
  2. Tuition is always due in advance for the upcoming month.
  3. Tuition is late on the 10th day of the month and a $15 late fee applies
  4. There is no refund or credit for missed classes only a makeup class(see below)
  5. Registration fees are non refundable after attending your first class.
  6. Payee has the option of paying yearly, half and half (2nd pmt. due 1/6/19), or monthly
  7. Tuition already takes into account all closings due to holidays and Emergency Causes such as bad weather or unanticipated incidents.
  8. Tuition is only pro-rated once at time of registration if starting after week 1 of that month. Otherwise tuition is never pro-rated.
  9. Tuition is accepted in cash, credit/debit card (paypal platform), check.
  10. Credit Cards can only be used if paying through the parent portal.
  11. Cash must be paid in studio. Checks must be written out to “Simply Inspired Dance”
  12. Bounced Checks incur a $30 nsf charge added to your account.
  13. Students will not be permitted to attend class if tuition and late fee isn’t paid by the 15th of the month
  14. Payee has the option of signing up for auto pay
  15. All tuition payments are logged in the parent portal (accessible to payees)
  16. Class apparel/uniform and costumes are paid for separately. This is not included in your registration and tuition fees. 
  17. Preschool Program students: Tuition is never pro-rated due to missed classes.


There are several ways payees can gain a discount on tuition

  1. 10% Sibling Discount
  2. 10% of Yearly Tuition if paid in full by September 30th
  3. Simple Bucks: Earn $10 off coupon if you (a registered family) refer a friend who registers for classes

Other Fees to Consider 

Costume Fee charged in November/January    $50+

Showcase Fee charged in February      $15+

Tickets to our show         $15-$20

No Class Dates

Labor Day   Sept 4th

Thanksgiving   Nov. 19th-23rd

Winter Break   Dec. 24th-Jan. 5th

Spring Break  Mar. 25th-29th (studio classes pending)

Parade Dates/No Class

Plantation Nov. 17th

North Lauderdale Dec. 8th

Coral Springs Dec. 12th

Tuition already takes into account these holidays and Parades

Class Make-up

If a student misses a class and would like to make it up, they must

  1. Submit a Make-Up Request Form within 3 class days after the missed class
  2. The class chosen must be approved by the director and class teacher based on space and curriculum for the class chosen
  3. Student must attend the make-up class for the time chosen or they forfeit the opportunity to make-up for the class they originally missed.


Although we are sad when any student leaves our dance family, we support your decision and hope you’ll re-join us soon.

Students can withdraw at anytime. We ask that your account balance is paid in full.

Payee is still responsible for full months tuition if student withdraws after the monthly tuition is charged.

Confirm your withdrawal by brining us a letter stating their last day of attendance. Please bring in an extra copy of the letter in which we will sign and date for your records.

Confirmation is stated on your Tuition statement given to you on the students last day.

In order to contest any fees charged you must submit a copy of your letter (signed by the director) and the tuition statement (signed by director given on the last day.

Students can also be withdrawn at the discretion of the owner/director and teacher if the student has shown misconduct or poor ethics. All incidents will be noted for review.