Studio Policies


Dress Code

  • Ballet: Black Camisole Leotard/Pink Tights/Pink Ballet Shoes, Hair in Bun
  • Tumbling/Acro: Any Colored Leotard/Gymnastic Leotard, Bare Feet
  • Hip Hop: Active Wear and Well fitting clean sneakers, Hair away from the face
  • Tap: Black Camisole Leotard, White Tights, Black Tap Shoes, Hair in Bun

Adult Classes please wear non constricting clothing and clean dancing shoes

All students must pick up a Dress Code Form prior to purchasing any garments for class!


  • Students are expected to be present and on time for all classes. 
  • Please notify school if you expect to be absent. 
  • If a student is more than 8 minutes late they will not be able to attend class
  • Please pick up your child promptly. Late pick-ups may be charged a late fee of $5 every 5 minutes.
  • Make Up class by taking another class at the same level within 6 days of the missed class.

Tuition Policy

  • Please review our tuition agreements in the parent portal.

Tuition Policy

Other Charges

Be aware there may/will be other fees charged   account. 

1.  Costume and Recital fees 

2.  Late Pick Up Fee $5 after 5 minutes. Then $1 every minute after.

3.  Class Attire fees.

4.  Any and all charges will be noted.